Better Interviews - Better Careers


Educating Students to Accelerate Careers

The importance of securing a job grows more critical every day. Practicing and preparing for the job interview is vastly overlooked at all experience levels.


Interview Simulator


Gain experience answering challenging questions. The General Interview Simulator that explains the consequences of right and wrong answers. Continue improving with simulators tailored to specific positions. Marketing, Accounting, Design, Software Development and More!


Parents and Students Select Universities

#1 Student Acquisition

Parents and students are looking to the future - their education and post graduation job security. Make your institution a safe choice by providing tools to learn, then succeed in their careers.

Students Prefer Online Resources

#2 Cutting-Edge Student Resource

Candidate Club serves your students anytime at the place you’re most likely to find them - online.

Your institution can stand out

#3 Stand Out in Academia

Establish your school as one that provides the best tools and outlook for your students. Equip students with a unique resource that allows you and your students to flourish.

Students focus on post graduation career options

#4 Career Ready Grads

Candidate Club enables your university to go a step further than education - preparation. Send-off your graduates with a degree and interview expertise.